The International Society or Stress Analysis (I.S.S.A), is a professional organization formed to promote the science and profession or Audio Stress Analysis. It has as its purpose, setting and maintaining the highest standards of integrity, honor, ethics and courtesy in the profession of Audio Stress Analysis, while cultivating fraternity among its members.

The Society has been in existence for over two decades. During this time, examiners from all professions have bonded together and assisted one another. Help is as close as your telephone, FAX, modem, or on-line service. Every member or the Society has pledged to aid his fellow examiner in rendering a second opinion on any legal and ethical chart or case you may be involved in. Due to the uniqueness of our technology, any audio tape and or set of charts, may be transmitted to another location and reexamined by any number of fellow examiners for verification.  

By its very composition, I.S.S.A. is a multi-disciplined society which is drawn together in a common bond by the fact that many disciplines utilize some form of stress analysis is as part of the weapons of their work. As such, no one group; individual; equipment advocate, or collections of individuals constitutes a majority.  The individuals comprising the membership of the International Society of Stress Analysts spring front a wide range of industries find occupations, a multiplicity of vocations and avocations.

Having said that, the I.S.S.A. is the professional backbone of Voice Stress Analysis, providing the image and the substance of a dedicated and ethical association.  The Society communicates the position of its members to the political and regulatory bodies concerned, and acts as an advocate before organizations, societies and the media expressing our organization's adherence to the highest ethical and professional and technical standards.  Our strength is in its memberships their participation in its activities, adherence to its standards and contributions to its continuing education programs.

Every Examiner- involved in Audio Stress Analysis is urged to join the International Society of Stress Analysis.